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Why us?

Because our Patrol System solutions:

  • Underpin safety
  • Ensure compliance
  • Cut demands on your time

… all while saving you money.

Whatever the challenge, we have the experience and expertise to put the right answer in place.

For over 10 years GuardTour are proud to have supplied many thousands of patrol systems. We help verify the time and attendance – and safety – of mobile workers all over the globe.

Our customers range in size from small guarding and cleaning companies through to some of the largest retailers and blue chips across Europe. So, regardless of the size of your requirement, we’ll have the solution that fits.

The reason for our success is two-fold: passion and experience.

We’re passionate about helping our clients deliver a better service by determining the movements and activities of their workforce whilst on remote sites.

We have the length and breadth of experience to comply fully with legislation. We ensure lone worker safety whilst simultaneously monitoring incidents and maintenance checks – for a robust defence against slip, trip and fall claims.

Our clients spend much more time on their businesses and much less time sifting through manual time-sheets and incident records.

Now, with the help of GuardTour, you can too.


Just rip up the paper, screw up the incident book and let us show you how easy it is to make the transition.

We promise you will never look back.

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Systems for Guarding Companies
Systems for FM Companies
Systems for Hospitals and Shopping Centres.
Systems for Government

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