The Ever Increasing Pressures of Delivering Manned Guarding


Let’s face it. The manned guarding industry is facing ever increasing pressures. Increased costs, the squeeze from CCTV, pressure from site managers to deliver more.

Increased competition from suppliers willing to “cut corners”.

Finding good officers and keeping them, ones who you can trust to deliver and maintain standards.

You’re surrounded by an ever-decreasing circle of pressure and you need something to provide the edge to help fight your way through.

But imagine finding not only a strong product but from a supplier that not only understands the pressures but can help you get the best results from the options available.

Allow us to introduce the Active View system.


Active View

Webbased control System for monitoring and reporting
Pre configured Patrols
Alarm Notification and Management
Allocate Tasks to Officer
Time And Attendance reports

Active Track

Robust Simple Device

Panic and Mandown Alarms

Can take incoming phone calls

72Hr Battery life

GPS Tracking


AT Mobile

Mobile Phone app, quick to deploy

Can Record Photos

Panic and Mandown Functions

Panic and Mandown Functions

IOS or Android

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