‘ISS Mediclean provides a security service within hospitals. WinKontrol is the patrol tool of choice. It is discreet to install, easy and convenient to use and allows for individual guards to be identified. Recently we have begun to trial the Active Guard solution, which allows for patrol information to be downloaded from remote satellite sites which the current model does not cater for. Both WinKontrol and Active Guard provide accurate monitoring of the patrolling security officer and bring peace of mind to the supervisor that patrols are completed in a timely fashion.  It is envisaged the Lone Worker call facility on Active Guard will support our lone working procedure meeting ACS guidelines’  - Elizabeth Dalton - Head of Security - Facility Services - Healthcare, Education & Defence

As a provider of security services there are two issues that we face, one is lone worker protection another is needing documented proof of patrols being completed by a guard. The Active Guard device solves this issue for us by having a panic button function which on activation by the guard sends an email to our email inbox which is monitored 24 hours a day, to advise that an panic alarm has been activated, which in turn enables us to call the guard or visit the site to provide assistance. The Active Guard device also transmits all data to us of all patrols that are completed during a guard’s shift, which can be saved in an Excel format and sent on to clients, showing what points were scanned on by the device and at what time. - Anthony Avers - ‎HR Manager / Office Manager adsecGroup

HomeFromHomeCare Within the care industry it is quite difficult to keep track of the accountability of staff and ensure they are carrying out their role as a support worker to their best of their ability. One of the problems we faced was the night shifts, we needed something in place to ensure each of the residents was being checked on a regularly basis whilst asleep. We needed a system which was not intrusive and did not  invade the privacy of the residents. We did a lot of research online and came across the Winkontrol PES sensor system. We currently have 8 of these systems in place in our care homes, they work very well and are easy to install and configure, the parts from the check points to the sensor pens are small in size which makes it easy to use and does not get noticed when mounted in place. Overall we are very happy with the system and would continue to use this within our expanding company. - Norah Lay - IT Analyst 
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