Active Track – Real Time GPS Patrol System

The Revolution in Real Time Patrol Monitoring is here

The First Patrol System in the World Combining 6 Functions into 1 Device:

  • Guard Tour — Our ActiveTrack Patrol System enables full monitoring of mobile worker time and attendance in Real Time. All data is transmitted through GSM networks.
  • Lone Worker Protection — The PANIC button allows immediate communication with a control room, and via SMS or email in case of emergency – tremendously improving the safety and security of your employees. Also included is a fully customisable MANDOWN alarm. You are able to set times during the day (usually following shift patterns) for this alarm to be active. Alarms will be triggered after a specified period of inactivity, but don’t worry about false alarms – the device will beep to let the user know it has been immobile for a certain length of time and needs to be moved to avoid raising the alarm.
  • Radio/Phone — The control room can call employees in order to reassure them that assistance is at hand or advise of missed patrol points.
  • Live Alerts — Panic Calls or unfinished patrols are flagged immediately in the software, and can be transmitted via SMS and email.
  • Web Based Software — Access to reports anytime and anywhere – even on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Fully secure with remote automated data backups GPS tracking, ensuring patrols and adding to mobile worker safety.
  • GPS tracking, ensuring patrols and adding to mobile worker safety..

Our Live Devices have secure 2 way voice communication

  • Users cannot make calls although they can let supervisors know they need a call by pressing the “Call Me” button.
  • The monitoring station operator can call the device anytime in the same way as a mobile phone – and the device will connect automatically with no action from the guard
  • Each device can be programmed to answer calls ONLY from authorised numbers, and can also be programmed to connect without ringing.
  • No need for Check Calls – Our system acts as a check call system to verify the staff member is on-site.

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