Guard Tour Systems

What are Patrol Systems?

Commonly referred to as Guard Tour systems or Guard Patrol systems, it is vital to choose the right one. To do the right job. At the right price.

The basic principle is to determine and record the location of a security guard, cleaner, home-carer – or any mobile employee – at specific times, whilst working on remote sites, in shopping centres, or wherever.

There are four key components to a Guard Tour system:

  • Guard Tour handheld data collector
  • Location checkpoint
  • Incident recording facility
  • Management software

The worker carries a compact, rugged, handheld device.

When a checkpoint is scanned with this reader, the unit is time and date stamped: ready to populate the management software with the contract critical T&A (Time & Attendance) data.

Handheld units differ in a number of ways. Key variations include robustness, size, battery life and mode of data transmission (GSM/ GPRS/ PC Download).

Only the best is good enough for our customers – at the right price to ensure value. We:

  • Use the very latest in technology to improve and underwrite the safety and compliance of thousands of mobile workers across the UK
  • Hold exclusive distribution agreements with some of the most innovative electronics manufacturers in the world.

ActiveView Real Time Patrol System

The only robust (IP67 rated) guard tour system in the marketplace delivering real time patrol data on a web based patrol management system.

Functions as a Lone Worker Safety device and receives incoming calls as well as being able to send PANIC alerts via SMS.

Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world – via an internet connection.

PES Guard Tour System

The Only Guard Tour Patrol System in the World with ANTI-Vandal™ Technology.

This detects intentional damage by microwave, shock, voltage and heat – allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that employee patrols will be carried out and any vandalism won’t hinder the performance but will identify a culprit.

The PES Guard Tour system is based on renowned Dallas Maxim iButton® technology – a robust time and location capturing device capable of monitoring employee movements at predetermined locations throughout a client site or area.