Guard Tour Systems

Guard patrol systems, also known as security patrol systems or security guard tour systems, are tools and technologies designed to enhance the effectiveness and accountability of security patrols. These systems provide a structured and organized approach to monitoring and managing security operations. Here are the key components and features of guard patrol systems:

Checkpoint Devices: Guard patrol systems typically utilize physical or electronic checkpoint devices placed at specific locations throughout the premises or patrol routes. These checkpoints can be in the form of RFID tags, NFC tags, QR codes, or barcode labels. Security guards use handheld devices or mobile apps to scan or record their presence at each checkpoint.

Mobile Devices or Handheld Terminals: Security guards carry mobile devices or handheld terminals equipped with specialized software or mobile applications. These devices allow guards to interact with the guard patrol system, scan checkpoints, record incidents, and communicate with supervisors or control centers.

Real-time Monitoring and Reporting: Guard patrol systems provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Supervisors or control center personnel can track the location and activities of security guards in real-time, ensuring patrols are being conducted as scheduled. Incidents, observations, or abnormalities can be reported immediately through the system, enabling prompt response and resolution.

Data Collection and Documentation: Guard patrol systems collect and store data related to patrol activities, including timestamps, locations, and guard actions. This data is used to generate reports and analytics for performance evaluation, incident analysis, and compliance monitoring.

Incident Management: Guard patrol systems often include incident management features. Guards can record and report security incidents, such as breaches, suspicious activities, or equipment malfunctions. These incidents are logged and can be categorized, prioritized, and assigned for appropriate action and follow-up.

Communication and Messaging: Guard patrol systems facilitate communication between security guards and supervisors or control centers. Two-way messaging and communication channels enable guards to receive instructions, notifications, or updates while on patrol. This improves coordination and enables quick sharing of critical information.

Reporting and Analytics: Guard patrol systems generate comprehensive reports and analytics based on collected data. These reports provide insights into patrol activities, response times, incident trends, guard performance, and compliance adherence. The data can be used to optimize security strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and make data-driven decisions.

Integration Capabilities: Some guard patrol systems offer integration capabilities with other security technologies, such as CCTV cameras, access control systems, or alarm systems. This integration allows for a more comprehensive and streamlined approach to security management.

Guard patrol systems play a crucial role in improving security operations by enhancing accountability, streamlining patrol processes, facilitating communication, and providing valuable data for analysis and decision-making.


Active Track Patrol System In Hand
PES Patrol System
PES Patrol System Incident Wallet
Active Guard Patrol System UK
PES Patrol System

ActiveView Real Time Patrol System

The only robust (IP67 rated) guard tour system in the marketplace delivering real time patrol data on a web based patrol management system.

Functions as a Lone Worker Safety device and receives incoming calls as well as being able to send PANIC alerts via SMS.

Data can be accessed from anywhere in the world – via an internet connection.

PES Guard Tour System

The Only Guard Tour Patrol System in the World with ANTI-Vandal™ Technology.

This detects intentional damage by microwave, shock, voltage and heat – allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that employee patrols will be carried out and any vandalism won’t hinder the performance but will identify a culprit.

The PES Guard Tour system is based on renowned Dallas Maxim iButton® technology – a robust time and location capturing device capable of monitoring employee movements at predetermined locations throughout a client site or area.