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Our systems have allowed Hospitals to cut down on bulky paperwork and streamline processes – saving precious time which is better spent ensuring a high level of patient care. The Guard Tour solution allows hospitals and other care providers to monitor cleaning staff, security and porters to ensure everything is running smoothly – also allowing for effortless incident reporting. The NHS is a long-standing client of GuardTour.co.uk because of the time-saving and efficiency our systems offer, not to mention the high levels of data security. The small size and ease of use of the equipment also ensures minimum intrusion for hospital sites, making it the ideal solution. Many of our customers in the health and care sector also take advantage of our inclusive custom report building services – meaning we can tailor the reports entirely to your needs – it’s all part of the service! Some of the advantages our systems provide for hospitals include;

  • Time and Attendance monitoring
  • Incident Reporting
  • Defence against insurance claims
  • Fully customised reporting
  • Patrol data Storage & Backup – no need for bulky paperwork