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How P.E.S. Works

The basics:

Set Up and Use

  • PES Guard Tour Sensor is assigned to a site or an individual through WinKontrol software.
  • Employee is assigned a unique ID key ring.
  • Employee logs on by touching the unique ID key ring to the PES guard patrol sensor.
  • Location checkpoints are quickly and easily programmed through WinKontrol Software then placed around the site to be patrolled.
  • Employee fulfils patrol as required by touching the location’s iButton checkpoints with the PES sensor.
  • Any sabotage, notable events (for example windows/doors open, fire extinguishers missing, lights left on/intruders on site etc.) can be recorded and reported (using the Incident Wallet).

Transfer and Review

  • Once the patrol or tour (series of patrol routes) is completed, data can be transferred through a memory tag usually held by a supervisor visiting the site or direct to the PC on site via the USB 2.0  download adaptor.
  • One memory tag can hold up to 2000 readings from any number of different sensors before reaching its 64Kb capacity.
  • The memory tag also ensures that the patrol sensor does not have to be returned to a control room to be downloaded.
  • Multi-sensor information is now downloaded to the software to generate many different and easy to understand report types (exception reports/vandal reports/incident reports/checkpoint reports etc.).