PES - Anti-Vandal Guard Tour

The Only Guard Tour System in the World with ANTI-Vandal™ Technology


The Portable Electronic Sensor (PES), based on respected iButton® technology is a robust time and location capturing device capable of monitoring employee movements at predetermined locations throughout a client site or area

The PES offers an added element of control, ensuring that your employees are in the right place at the right time — a cast iron guarantee to your clients that sites are completely manned and monitored throughout the areas they require coverage for.

Answers the Who, When and How of Employee Sabotage

The PES is a compact, easy to handle unit which is small enough to be held on a mobile workers key ring. It's designed for simplicity of use and engineered to be exceptionally tough to withstand the hardest of impacts. EventKeypad-5318

An industry leading 5 Year guarantee and 10 Year battery life provides reliability and will ensure running costs are kept to an absolute minimum. What really sets the PES apart from conventional systems is it's built in ANTI-Vandal™ technology.

Deliberate user damage has been the downfall of similar systems in the past; causing problems with lost data, easily broken sensors and high repair costs. The PES has an intelligent self-protection system - not only is this sensor protected against damage by bored employees, it actually identifies who tried to damage it and how they tried to damage it!

The system can distinguish between:  levels of hit intensity, i.e. whether caused by an ordinary fall or by intentional damage or very heavy damage; being microwaved and (high) voltage. All the time the sensor will remain unaffected by damage with no reduction in battery life.

The sensor is the only one of its kind on the market today and its advantages over similar systems will add considerable value to the monitoring requirements of any company employing mobile workers.

The future for PES…?

It could be said that the PES system is already the most technologically advanced (non-real time) guard tour system in today’s market. However, that’s not where it stops…

Development effort is currently focused on opportunities to provide exciting new products to better capture data for the available WinKontrol software platform and other new platforms in development which will enable us to better serve our current large portfolio of customers with improved accuracy, positioning and monitoring of employee tour-of-duty performance giving them an increased competitive advantage. The benefits of this technological breakthrough will set Connect Security Solutions Limited aside from any other provider in the market today.

To this end we've worked with Tomst from the Czech Republic (PES's manufacturers renowned for high quality and innovative products) to develop the latest version of WinKontrol software which (unlike other software packages on the market) is a free upgrade to existing WinKontrol owners.


Also new to the marketplace is a GSM downloader for the PES Systems which we will be rolling out in the first quarter of 2010. This will allow data to be sent direct from the PES device to a client information system for integration of patrol data in virtually real time - so patrols will be visible as soon as the patrol is completed and sent via the GSM network.

Patrol guns* - this phrase is taken to mean a device for collecting data from checkpoints to verify that a patrol has been done (or other devices intended to represent a location by other names - pegging points or similar). patrol guns are also known as sensors, data collectors, wands, deisters or diesters, pipes, clocking guns, guard clocking systems, clocking machines, watchmans clocks, patrol devices, patrol systems, guard patrol systems


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