PES Guard Tour Features

The PES Guard Tour system is most cost effective when purchased as a Tour in a Box, this comprises a PES sensor & holster, the WinKontrol software suite, employee ID Tags, 20 checkpoints, download memory tags & the TMD USB2.0 PC downloader. The main component features are below

WinKontrol 2007

WK2007 is a windows based software package designed to be the simplest to use Patrol Monitoring solution available in today’s market. Whilst simplicity is the key, our expansive suite of reports help to maintain a professional image of your company to both prospective and existing clients. Reports can be printed, e-mailed to clients or simply stored on file for future quality assurance. See the simple front screen (first picture on the right).

Over 15 reports comprise the WinKontrol suite, ranging from simple tour of duty information through to individual guard/employee reports. See the second picture on the right to view the simplicity of information which can be printed off, emailed, stored in the database or exported to Microsoft Excel for example (bottom picture on the right). A small sample of the reports available are:

  1. Individual site report by date
  2. Individual employee by date
  3. ANTI-Vandal report by employee (damage to sensors caused by employees)
  4. ANTI-Vandal report by site (damage to sensors on site)
  5. Individual checkpoint report
  6. Full Exception reporting (e.g. missed checkpoints - third picture on the right)

Standard or Professional Licence?

In order to provide a monitoring solution that fit all budgets and industries WK2006 comes in two versions; Standard and Professional. The functionality of the two versions is exactly the same, the only difference being the capacity of the system.

Standard Limited to: 2 PES Sensors / 10 employees / 50 Checkpoints — ideal for a small site, individual sites or for sale to your client
Professional Unlimited System - suited to a Head Office monitoring station, several large client sites or to control information for many sites over a network for example.

PES Sensors

Again so that we can provide the best time and attendance solution to fit all budgets, we have 3 versions of our PES sensors; Mini, Forte and Profi.

PES Protection System Warranty Battery Life Reading Capacity







1 year

2 years

5 years

10 years

10 years

10 years




(Mini-Vandal indicates that the Sensor has been abused but not how hard or which type of damage (either microwave, voltage or level of hit intensity), whilst ANTI-Vandal indicates the type of attempted damage & the severity of the force used).

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