Reliable Radio Systems

With the options of Rent or Buy from a range of manufacturers, Guardtour has the solution


In the security industry, communications equipment takes centre stage and plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations. It enables real time information exchange among security personnel, greatly enhancing situational awareness leading to improved response times and ensuring the safety of both the public and staff. Communications equipment serves as a backbone in security teams, allowing security professionals to coordinate effectively and respond promptly to potential threats or emergencies. As a result, they help maintain a safe and secure environment for everyone involved.


Two way radios provide secure and efficient communication for security teams. These devices facilitate instant and seamless communication, enhancing coordination and keeping teams connected throughout their shift. Increase safety with features like ‘man down’ and ‘lone worker’ for team members’ protection during work. We offer covert surveillance earpieces, as well as a variety of radio solutions for hire or purchase.


Hire and Trial

We have several options available to fit your needs

– Short Term
– Medium Term
– Long Term
– Flexible Terms



Not Just Walkie Talkies

– Two Way Radios
–  POC Radios
– Atex Radios
– Accessories


Service And Support

Ongoing support is essential to ensure your investment is safe.

– Maintainence
– Installation
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