“Tour in a Box”

We’ve realised that there are some occasions where your clients have asked you for patrol reports and you need a system installed fast. You may need additional sensors or checkpoints, and due to time constraints, may be able to give little notice of your requirements. Here at Connect Security, we pride ourselves on being able to supply our clients with the equipment required to provide an exceptional patrol verification service, all with the minimum of fuss and with the minimum of notice.

Our Quick-Starter packages have been designed so that even the most die-hard of technophobes will feel confident in installing and using the system, in the quickest time possible. Valuable time can then be spent on developing the contractor-client relationship, as opposed to hours of frustration sat in front of a PC.

Full training services are available at your convenience utilising the very latest in internet technology, so that you get the help when you want it, not when we happen to be in the area.

Our Quick-Starter packs come ready for patrol with the following items:

  • 1 x PES Guard Sensor
  • 1 x WinKontrol 2007 Licence
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Downloader/Adapter
  • 20 x iButton Checkpoints with toughened plastic mounting
  • 4 x Guard ID Tags
  • 12 months support

Industry leading Manufacturers Warranty

PES Sensors are amongst the most robust tour monitoring systems in the world, however even the toughest of units has a breaking point somewhere. That’s why we’ve applied an industry leading 5 year warranty to protect your investment should your PES unit malfunction.

In the unlikely event that your chosen PES unit should stop working, all you need to do is contact our support team to report the problem then send the sensor back to us in the post. Once we receive the sensor back at our offices we will immediately send a replacement so that you can continue to provide the same exceptional patrol service, thus protecting your contractor-client relationship.

We then run the PES unit through a series of diagnostic tests in order to determine the problem. Once the cause has been ascertained we can supply full reports in order to explain the reason for malfunction.

We apply a 1000 point score test to determine whether or not damage is covered under the 5 year industry leading warranty. If the points total more than 1000 then unfortunately the PES Sensor won’t be fully covered, but don’t worry as the ANTI-Vandal Technology will identify and pinpoint the culprit way before it reaches that level of damage. We still are able to repair the device, regardless of the point score, and will be able to offer help regardless of its state.  The points breakdown is listed below:

1,000,000 Touches 1000 small crashes 100 med. crashes 10 big crashes
0.001 pt/ touch 1 pt/ small crash 10 pt/ med crash 100 pt/ big crash