Our new lone contact service has now launched, and it’s completely FREE to use!

Winners of the EBS UK Sales Award 2019, Guard Tour are pleased to announce the launch of a new lone contact system.

Completely free to use, the system is simple in its design and has been developed to provide peace of mind for employers and their staff, offering a platform which allows employees to regularly check in when working alone outside of office hours in any workplace.

With a straightforward 2-step sign-in process, lonecontact.co.uk offers basic workplace security for employees within minutes:

  1. Sign On

We just need a few details from you, including your location, phone number and email address, to get you registered onto the system.

  • Check In

After you’ve signed on, you’ll be prompted to check in at regular intervals throughout your shift.

If you miss a check in, your employer will be notified and will then be able to take the appropriate action to ensure your safety.

  • Sign Out

When you’re ready to go home, simply sign out!

Do you have lone workers who make regular patrols of an indoor or outdoor space? Are you looking for a more comprehensive security and safety solution for your staff? Guard Tour supply complete lone worker systems UK-wide, including GPS systems which track workers’ movements in real time, panic buttons and systems with man-down alerts. Get in touch today to find out more about our product range.