Offering GPS tracking, two-way communication, guard tour and lone worker protection in real time, the Active Track patrol system is a popular security solution used by companies in both commercial and private sectors.

At Guard Tour, we take pride in our reliable service and our flexible approach – that’s why the Active Track system is now available with short-term rental options.

With contracts spanning as little as one month, you can now receive comprehensive security and protection for the lone/patrol workers in your staff with no obligation and no upfront fee.

What is Active Track?

Active Track is a modern security device with a variety of control and safety options, which has been designed to provide protection for lone-working employees.

Combining six key features into one handy device, Active Track thoroughly services the security needs of staff who regularly make patrols alone.


Ensure patrols are carried out efficiently and monitor the movements of your staff in real time with GPS tracking. Locations can be allocated within seconds, even in bad weather or areas with a poor network connection, improving security levels for your staff and notifying you of their exact location should an incident occur.

Live Alerts

The panic button and man-down alert functions allow you to take instant action in cases of emergency.


Stay informed and notify your staff on any developments, wherever they are, with the two-way radio/phone feature. This feature enables employees to receive calls from the control room and can be used to inform them of missed patrol points, or to provide reassurance that assistant is on the way.