The Client

Bridge Security Services Ltd operate an expert security manned guarding service, managing all aspects of security, including providing patrols for a range of areas and business sectors such as construction, retail and agriculture. The team also provide thorough risk assessments for the placement and monitoring of CCTV systems and biometric access control.

The Challenge

Five years ago, Bridge Security approached Guard Tour to discuss possible alternatives to their existing lone worker patrol system, in order to improve their services for staff and customers.

“The system we had in place at the time was quite basic and was preventing us from providing the level of service that we were striving for for our customers,” says Operations Manager, Gabriel Greenspan. “We sought to improve our services in terms of the verification we could offer to our clients that their patrols had been completed, and so we spoke with Guard Tour about possible systems we could bring on board in order to make that happen.”

The Solution

“After talking through a few different options with Mark, we decided to make the investment into the Active Track system. When evaluating its features, we realised it offered much more than a basic lone worker patrol system.

“The live GPS tracking is what sold the system for us, as it enables us to fulfil our duty of care and provide proof to the client, so that they can be reassured our patrols are being completed efficiently.

“I believe the system’s best feature is the capability to link with mobile devices. I have our system linked to my phone so that I can monitor each device and receive signals from patrols in real-time. This allows me the peace of mind that my team is on-site and carrying out patrols, which then can be extended to the customer.”

The Result

“We took a big step in making the investment into Active Track, and we’ve been happy with that investment since. The handheld devices are durable and the system works well and is simple to operate for all of our staff. Overall, Active Track does a brilliant job.

“I’d definitely recommend Guard Tour to others in our industry. They’re always incredibly helpful, and the service we have received from them over the last five years has never faltered. The support they provide is excellent – we’ve contacted them on many occasions, simply for advice, and they’ve always been so willing to help.”