There are a number of reasons why employers may choose to have their employees wear a bodycam whilst on shift or on patrol, and there are few on the market that beat the Zepcam T2+.

A Zepcam will record video footage of any incident and, should an incident become serious enough to warrant being reported to the police, that video footage then becomes evidence.

As the latest addition to Guardtour’s comprehensive range of security products, the Zepcam Box not only makes it easier for employers and authorities to review footage captured by multiple devices at one time, it also reduces the likelihood of any footage being tampered with, altered or destroyed in any way.

The Zepcam Box operates as a docking station and video management system, with 4-way and 8-way docking options available. Providing clients with peace of mind, the Zepcam Box also acts as a hard-drive, meaning that any footage captured can stay secure on-site with the client and will not need to be saved to a cloud-based software online, or to be exported to an external server.

Making it possible to view footage from multiple devices at once, the Zepcam Box is an ideal investment for those who regularly review their patrol footage or would like the convenience of being able to charge all devices in one location, whilst offering all of the benefits and features of a high-end platform.

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