Ensure that your employees are in the right place at the right time and provide reassurance to your clients that their sites are being manned and patrolled when they should be with the PES Anti-Vandal Guard Tour system.

The only guard tour system in the world with Anti-Vandal technology, the Portable Electronic Sensor (PES) is a robust time- and location-capturing device which is capable of monitoring employee movements at predetermined locations throughout a client site or area.

With research into respected iButton technology informing its creation and development, the PES patrol system is offered by Guard Tour with a one-time purchase cost – no recurring monthly fees, simply buy and install!

The PES system is quick to deploy and is recommended for use across a number of sectors, including for security details in hotels and on construction sites.

Durable & Reliable

Although there are a number of low-cost alternatives on the market, cheaper options are known to be unreliable and often break, forcing employers to make recurring payments to replace handsets.

Guard Tour provides more durable handsets and a system that works, along with a dedicated support team who can provide assistance on the rare occasions that it may be needed. Our PES devices can be repaired should they break, reducing the need for you to make repeat purchases of lower-priced and lower-quality products.