Bringing together all of the security benefits of the Active Track system in a convenient mobile app, EBS Active Track is now available to install on mobile devices!

Sharing a number of key features with the comprehensive Active Track patrol system, this new mobile app offers employers and lone worker employees increased security and peace of mind, with GPS tracking in real time, two-way communication and live alerts. As with the Active Track handheld devices, the mobile app will allow employees to stay informed on the movements of any patrol worker in real time, and the communication features will allow the control room to make direct contact with a lone worker, whether that be to inform them of any missed patrol points or to provide reassurance that assistance is on the way should the panic button be used.

All of these features are now available at a reduced cost with the mobile app, as employers will save on the recurring monthly cost that comes with hiring the EBS Active Track handsets. 

Already using Active Track? The mobile app operates with the same software, allowing you to integrate it into your current guard tour system. You might choose to issue the more durable handsets for some patrols, and the mobile app could be used for others where there is less risk of damage to the device.

Key features of the Active Track mobile app include:

  • Compatibility with QR code tags and NFC tags
  • “On Patrol” and “On Break” signalling
  • Shock alarm, for device and staff protection
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Historical trail monitoring
  • Ability to take photographs
  • Panic alarm
  • Man-down detection
  • Email and/or SMS on alarm
  • GPS location ping

Get in touchfor more information on features and prices, and find out how we can help you to implement a mobile guard tour system today!