Head of Security at ISS, Elizabeth Dalton, talks to us about investing in the Zepcam T2+.

“Before making the investment into the new T2s, our staff had been using older cameras provided by another company. The older tech did the job well enough, but the cameras were quite unreliable and often broke.

“Four months ago, we decided to take the leap and invest in the new Zepcam T2+ with Guard Tour and it has been a really good move!

“The new handsets are simple in design and are so much easier to operate than the older sets we used to use, and they come with all of these additional features which allow us more control over our operations, as well as providing greater ability for us to monitor our guards and any incidents that might occur.

“The T2+ gives us eyes in the field and records not only video footage, but also the GPS location of our staff. If an incident does occur, we now have the ability to archive it with any notes that need to be made. It’s reassuring to know that the file is secure as each recording is stored with limited access and is only made available to those with authorisation to view it.

“We’re really happy with the new T2 system that we have in place, and so are our staff. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Mark and the rest of the team at Guard Tour.”

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