Case Study – Bridge Security

The Client

Bridge Security Services Ltd operate an expert security manned guarding service, managing all aspects of security, including providing patrols for a range of areas and business sectors such as construction, retail and agriculture. The team also provide thorough risk assessments for the placement and monitoring of CCTV systems and biometric access control.

The Challenge

Five years ago, Bridge Security approached Guard Tour to discuss possible alternatives to their existing lone worker patrol system, in order to improve their services for staff and customers.

“The system we had in place at the time was quite basic and was preventing us from providing the level of service that we were striving for for our customers,” says Operations Manager, Gabriel Greenspan. “We sought to improve our services in terms of the verification we could offer to our clients that their patrols had been completed, and so we spoke with Guard Tour about possible systems we could bring on board in order to make that happen.”

The Solution

“After talking through a few different options with Mark, we decided to make the investment into the Active Track system. When evaluating its features, we realised it offered much more than a basic lone worker patrol system.

“The live GPS tracking is what sold the system for us, as it enables us to fulfil our duty of care and provide proof to the client, so that they can be reassured our patrols are being completed efficiently.

“I believe the system’s best feature is the capability to link with mobile devices. I have our system linked to my phone so that I can monitor each device and receive signals from patrols in real-time. This allows me the peace of mind that my team is on-site and carrying out patrols, which then can be extended to the customer.”

The Result

“We took a big step in making the investment into Active Track, and we’ve been happy with that investment since. The handheld devices are durable and the system works well and is simple to operate for all of our staff. Overall, Active Track does a brilliant job.

“I’d definitely recommend Guard Tour to others in our industry. They’re always incredibly helpful, and the service we have received from them over the last five years has never faltered. The support they provide is excellent – we’ve contacted them on many occasions, simply for advice, and they’ve always been so willing to help.”

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Zepcam Box

There are a number of reasons why employers may choose to have their employees wear a bodycam whilst on shift or on patrol, and there are few on the market that beat the Zepcam T2+.

A Zepcam will record video footage of any incident and, should an incident become serious enough to warrant being reported to the police, that video footage then becomes evidence.

As the latest addition to Guardtour’s comprehensive range of security products, the Zepcam Box not only makes it easier for employers and authorities to review footage captured by multiple devices at one time, it also reduces the likelihood of any footage being tampered with, altered or destroyed in any way.

The Zepcam Box operates as a docking station and video management system, with 4-way and 8-way docking options available. Providing clients with peace of mind, the Zepcam Box also acts as a hard-drive, meaning that any footage captured can stay secure on-site with the client and will not need to be saved to a cloud-based software online, or to be exported to an external server.

Making it possible to view footage from multiple devices at once, the Zepcam Box is an ideal investment for those who regularly review their patrol footage or would like the convenience of being able to charge all devices in one location, whilst offering all of the benefits and features of a high-end platform.

Contact our office today to discuss the Zepcam Box in more detail with a member of our sales staff.

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Bluesky Launch

After months of planning and development, the team at Guardtour are gearing up to launch a new lone worker protection system as part of our ever-growing security range.

Bluesky will be launched as the latest cloud-based safety software with an online portal login, allowing employers to track the movements of their employees with real-time GPS, and to receive live alerts in cases of emergency.

There are two devices available which are compatible with the new software:

  • The TMT250 – a compact portable device which can be attached to a belt and features a large panic button and a man-down alert, triggering rapid response when needed
  • The GH5200 – a lightweight, credit card-sized device which can be attached to a lanyard, with the capacity to make voice calls, Bluetooth connectivity, panic button and man-down alert

Both devices are compact, portable and rechargeable, providing personal safety alarms for the protection of lone workers.

“When we created this new system, we had a specific type of lone worker in mind,” says Mark Parry, Managing Director of Guardtour. “Whilst our other safety systems, such as Active Track, are very well-suited to those operating manned patrols or more heavy-duty security services, Bluesky was designed with another type of lone worker in mind, such as care workers or district nurses, for example. These devices are both lightweight and discreet, but still offer a comprehensive lone worker security system, including GPS location tracking, panic alarm and man-down alerts. The GH5200 can even double as an ID-card holder, making it a discreet security device that’s also functional.” Bluesky is due to launch imminently! Get in touch today for further information.  

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Covid 19 – Guardtour fully operational

Amid ongoing health concerns related to COVID-19, we would like to take this opportunity
to reassure our customers that Connect Security and Guardtour operations remain largely
We have taken every precaution to ensure the safety of our employees, and we are putting
measures in place which will allow us to continue to support our customers whilst we work
remotely. Our customer support, repairs and order provisioning will remain operational.

Disinfecting Guardtour Equipment
With the COVID-19 virus so easily transmittable, it’s important to maintain high hygiene
standards in order to prevent its spread. Please use an alcohol-based cleaning solution, or
alcohol cleansing wipes, to disinfect your Guardtour devices and docking stations regularly,
particularly between patrols.

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PES Patrol System

Ensure that your employees are in the right place at the right time and provide reassurance to your clients that their sites are being manned and patrolled when they should be with the PES Anti-Vandal Guard Tour system.

The only guard tour system in the world with Anti-Vandal technology, the Portable Electronic Sensor (PES) is a robust time- and location-capturing device which is capable of monitoring employee movements at predetermined locations throughout a client site or area.

With research into respected iButton technology informing its creation and development, the PES patrol system is offered by Guard Tour with a one-time purchase cost – no recurring monthly fees, simply buy and install!

The PES system is quick to deploy and is recommended for use across a number of sectors, including for security details in hotels and on construction sites.

Durable & Reliable

Although there are a number of low-cost alternatives on the market, cheaper options are known to be unreliable and often break, forcing employers to make recurring payments to replace handsets.

Guard Tour provides more durable handsets and a system that works, along with a dedicated support team who can provide assistance on the rare occasions that it may be needed. Our PES devices can be repaired should they break, reducing the need for you to make repeat purchases of lower-priced and lower-quality products.

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EBS Active Track Mobile Phone App

Bringing together all of the security benefits of the Active Track system in a convenient mobile app, EBS Active Track is now available to install on mobile devices!

Sharing a number of key features with the comprehensive Active Track patrol system, this new mobile app offers employers and lone worker employees increased security and peace of mind, with GPS tracking in real time, two-way communication and live alerts. As with the Active Track handheld devices, the mobile app will allow employees to stay informed on the movements of any patrol worker in real time, and the communication features will allow the control room to make direct contact with a lone worker, whether that be to inform them of any missed patrol points or to provide reassurance that assistance is on the way should the panic button be used.

All of these features are now available at a reduced cost with the mobile app, as employers will save on the recurring monthly cost that comes with hiring the EBS Active Track handsets. 

Already using Active Track? The mobile app operates with the same software, allowing you to integrate it into your current guard tour system. You might choose to issue the more durable handsets for some patrols, and the mobile app could be used for others where there is less risk of damage to the device.

Key features of the Active Track mobile app include:

  • Compatibility with QR code tags and NFC tags
  • “On Patrol” and “On Break” signalling
  • Shock alarm, for device and staff protection
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Historical trail monitoring
  • Ability to take photographs
  • Panic alarm
  • Man-down detection
  • Email and/or SMS on alarm
  • GPS location ping

Get in touchfor more information on features and prices, and find out how we can help you to implement a mobile guard tour system today!

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Active Track comes highly recommended by Abbey Security

Abbey Security Services Ltd provide comprehensive security solutions in East Anglia, including static guarding, mobile patrol, keyholding and rapid alarm response, and penetration testing. Established in 1985, Abbey Security take pride in their personal and professional approach, their wealth of knowledge and experience, and the tailored service they strive to provide for every client.

The Challenge

Four years ago, Abbey Security Services brought Guard Tour onboard to discuss potential investments that could be made in order to improve their services for staff and customers.

“The system we used to use had become quite outdated,” says Operations Director, David Alstin. “It was a fairly basic patrol system which involved security staff carrying a rather large portable device whilst on patrol and tapping it against an RFID tag at each checkpoint. After they’d completed their patrol, the device would be returned to its base unit and a small printout would be issued with some basic information about their route.”

The Solution

“We discussed a few options with Mark at Guard Tour, and we decided to invest in the Active Track system. I believe it was a great investment – it has so many features that our previous system simply didn’t have.

“The GPS feature is particularly helpful. We’re now able to monitor our patrol staff and track their movements in real-time via a secure online portal. As well as providing additional protection for our security staff, this also allows us to provide our customers with a more detailed report on the services they are receiving. Our customers can even login to their own portal to track the guards themselves.

“The Active Track devices are a great tool for improving the safety of lone workers. The device will not only register a fall and alert the control room, but it also has a panic button and allows control room staff to communicate directly with a lone worker in distress. The device can answer a call even if the guard is unable to, meaning that our officers are never without protection.”  

The Result

“Active Track has brought us into the modern world. We now have increased security capabilities and the system has improved our level of service in terms of what we can now offer to our customers. The main bonus is that it goes beyond any other system we’ve used with regards to its capacity to protect the welfare of our officers.

“We couldn’t be happier with the service from Guard Tour; Mark and the team do an excellent job at looking after us. They’re very helpful and co-operative, and they’ve always accommodated us whenever we’ve asked anything of them. I’d definitely recommend Guard Tour to others in the industry – in fact, I already have!”

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